June 2003
 Cologne - lunch on a summertime Rhine ... and a summer trip to Luxembourg - click to see larger photos

On the Rhine in Rodenkirchen - June 2003
On the Rhine
Watching busy river traffic, over lunch
Lunch on a boat in the Rhine
Rodenkirchen, south of Cologne
The Rhine in Rodenkirchen
An old boat in the Rhine, turned into a restaurant
Rodenkirchen in the summer

Vianden Castle, Luxembourg - June 2003
Vianden, Luxembourg

Vianden Castle, Luxembourg
Vianden Castle, Luxembourg
Echternach, Luxemborgm where not much happens, but people come and visit and enjoy it
Main Square, Echternach


Luxembourg in summer

Not a lot happens in Luxembourg


Vianden Castle
Vianden, Luxembourg

Vianden Castle, Luxembourg
Coffee in Clervaux, another quiet tourist town in Luxembourg
Coffee in Clervaux, Luxembourg
Bye, bye, Luxembourg ...
Echternach, Luxembourg

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