El Palacio de la India

Welcome to the Palacio de la India, in Antigua, Guatemala.  You can still buy a membership in the Antigua Curry Club and come to its regular sessions, or just come anytime when the restaurant is open.

8th May 2008

Non Vegetarian Menu Q 110

Shrimp Pakora (4pcs)

Chicken Tikka served on Naan

Kheer Delicious Rice Pudding


Pakora is an item in Indian cuisine created by taking ingredients such as chicken, shrimp, onion, eggplant, lentils, potato, spinach, cauliflower, tomato, and chili (though usually not more than two to three of these), dipping them in a batter of gram flour and then deep-frying them.  When onions, on their own, are prepared in the same way, they are known as onion bhaji, which we will have on a future Curry Club menu.

Pakoras are usually served as snacks, or appetizers, and are commonly eaten as starters in restaurants.  During Ramadan, the month of fasting, pakoras are often eaten by Muslims during the evening meal to break the fast.

Chicken Tikka  originated in the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. It is made by baking small pieces of chicken which have been marinated in spices and yogurt. It is traditionally made on skewers in a tandoor, an Indian clay oven and is boneless. The literal meaning of tikka is "pieces of chicken". The pieces are regularly brushed with ghee (clarified butter), which gives its taste, while being continuously fanned.


Vegetarian Menu Q 100

Shrimp Pakora (4pcs)

Baingan ka Bharta served with Naan

Kheer Delicious Rice Pudding

Baingan ka Bharta is a vegetarian Indian dish made out of eggplant (also called baingan in Hindi). The dish is somewhat similar to baba ganoush, although it is usually spicier and is served hot. It is often eaten with naan or a roti (a thin bread, similar to pita), and with rice and raita (a yogurt salad).

Naan is a round flatbread made of white flour.  Naan is a staple accompaniment to hot meals in India.

Kheer is a traditional dish in the Indian subcontinent, a rice pudding typically made by boiling rice with milk and sugar. It is often flavored with cardamoms, saffron, pistachios or almonds that have been soaked overnight and made into fine paste.



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