Pushkar (Hindi: पुष्कर) is a town in the Ajmer district in the state of Rajasthan, and is one of the oldest cities in India.

The Antigua Curry Club Meeting       August 26, 2010


Non Vegetarian

Spinach Kofta in Yogurt Sauce
Spicy Roast Chicken in Banana Leaves
Naan Bread


Q 95  + 10% service



Spinach Kofta in Yogurt Sauce
Smoky Spiced Eggplant
Naan Bread

Q 85  + 10% service

Poppadums courtesy of the Antigua Curry Club 


Palak Kofta (Spinach Kofta) is a delicious Desi vegetarian dish, served either as a main course or appetizer, with flavours of spinach and delicate spice.

Baingan ka Bharta (Smoky Spiced Eggplant) is the hindi name of a popular eggplant dish.  The dish has many names, depending on the local language.  It is often eaten with an Indian flatbread.

The Antigua Curry Club is looking for several more curry eaters   there may be two or more memberships available for resale.  If you know anyone who may be interested, please tell them to call our India Call Center at 7832-8466 or e-mail cernikovsky@hotmail.com


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