Pushkar (Hindi: पुष्कर) is a town in the Ajmer district in the state of Rajasthan, and is one of the oldest cities in India.

The Antigua Curry Club Meeting       November 11, 2010

Pushkar says:  “As it is Christmas, we would love to offer you on the house a small entrée Prawn Pakoras”

Non Vegetarian

Lamb Korma

Basmati rice

Naan Bread

Q 125  + 10% service


Dhal Saag

Basmati Rice

Naan Bread

Q 85  + 10% service

Poppadums courtesy of Antigua Curry Club

Korma is a creamy and silky Persian-Indian dish which can be traced back to the 16th century and the Mughal incursions into India.

The flavor is based on a mixture of spices, including ground coriander and cumin, combined with yoghurt incorporated slowly and carefully.  Nuts can be used but not in great quantities; usually almonds or cashews. Korma is a mild curry with either chicken, beef or lamb and only a few vegetables.

Dal (Dhal) is a preparation of pulses (dried lentils, peas or beans) which have been stripped of their outer hulls and split.  It is regularly eaten with rice and vegetables in Southern India, and with both rice and bread throughout Northern India & Pakistan. Saag is a spinach and/or mustard leaf-based dish eaten in India with bread such as roti or naan or rice.  (in West Bengal).

The Antigua Curry Club is looking for several more curry eaters  there may be two or more memberships available for resale.  If you know anyone who may be interested, please tell them to call our India Call Center at 7832-8466 or e-mail cernikovsky@hotmail.com

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