El Palacio de la India

Welcome to the Palacio de la India, in Antigua, Guatemala.  You can still buy a membership in the Antigua Curry Club and come to its regular sessions, or just come anytime when the restaurant is open.

Curry Club Meeting       July 24th, 2008


Tandoori Wrap

Our Tandoori Wraps are served with a potato salad and fried cabbage

Create your very own Tandoori Wraps!           Q 75


Naan, Garlic Naan, Roti or Paratha


Onion Bhaji, Vegetable Pakora, Chicken Pakora,  Paneer Pakora, Amritsari Fish, Meat OR Vegetable Samosa, Chicken Tikka OR Sheekh Kebab.

 Mint Chutney, Raita OR Tamarind Chutney

 Shredded lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Onions, Jalapeños.

 Add Chilli Pickles Q 15


It’s hot, it’s scrumptious, and it’s the ultimate street food for commuters on the run. It’s India’s answer to the Mexican burrito and is within reach of every pocket.  A paratha stuffed with veggies or spicy potato, minced lamb or tandoori chicken chunks and spiced up with a mysterious sauce, the Kati roll is now catching on fast in all the Indian metros, will soon be coming to New York and has already landed in Antigua!

The Kati roll is a street food that originated in Kolkata before becoming the rage and transmuting into the culinary wonder that it has become today.  It was introduced by Nizam’s, a Kolkata restaurant known for its Mughlai cuisine. Elsewhere, like in Mumbai, it is also known as a “Frankie” – but we’ll come to that story later. To come back to the Kati roll, an apocryphal story has it that during a lunchtime rush at Nizam’s, the restaurant ran out of plates and an enterprising management decided to serve the traditional paratha rolled and stuffed with lamb or chicken kebab to overcome the lack of plates. Thus, the Kati roll was born (Source: Wikipedia).

New Delhi’s popular chain ’The Kathi’s’ (Saket, Khan Market, DLF, Vasant Kunj) and Nazeem’s in Connaught Circus, are proof that the Kati roll’s popularity is on the rise. The Indian Bread Company and the Kati Roll Restaurant are bringing this popular snack to New York as well.

A Kati roll begins life as a paratha or flat bread, heated on a flat griddle. Beaten egg is poured on to form a layer. Fillings that can range from potato, cottage cheese (paneer), cheese, mutton kebab, chunks of tandoori chicken, along with vegetables fried in butter, are added, and the whole thing is rolled up with sauce or spices to form a satisfying albeit calorie-filled snack. In fact, the only complaint about the Kati roll is that it might be a tad too oily for modern tastes. A problem that has been solved by the “Frankie”.

The “Frankie” is Mumbai’s version of the Kati roll and is basically a chappati rolled with mutton, chicken, and vegetarian fillings. The masala (spice mix) sprinkled on the “Frankie” is the secret ingredient. Tibb’s Frankies of Mumbai are now well known all over India with more than sixty franchises in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune.

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