The Antigua Curry Club Meeting       October 11, 2012 ... with Vice Presidential debate live on TV


1. Non-vegetarian

White Rice
Pork & Extra Pork
Broccoli, Purple onions, Bell peppers
Yellow curry sauce, Cilantro

2. Non-vegetarian

White rice
Chicken & Extra Chicken
Broccoli, Snow peas, Purple onions
Red curry sauce, Cilantro

3. Vegetarian

Egg noodles
Tofu & Extra Tofu
Broccoli, Snow peas, Bell peppers
Red curry sauce, Cilantro



Poppadums and chutneys courtesy of Antigua Curry Club

“Wokco gives you the freedom to create your perfect combination”…

… but the Antigua Curry Club makes your choice as simple as 1-2-3.

Visit them at:  https://www.facebook.com/Wokco


The Antigua Curry Club is looking for several more curry eaters  there may be two or more memberships available for resale.  If you know anyone who may be interested, please tell them to call our India Call Center at 7832-8466 or e-mail cernikovsky@hotmail.com

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