Pushkar (Hindi: पुष्कर) is a town in the Ajmer district in the state of Rajasthan, and is one of the oldest cities in India.

The Antigua Curry Club Meeting       July 24, 2014

Non Vegetarian

Mint & Yogurt dip & Raita

Pork Tikka

Basmati Rice

Naan Bread

Q 105  + 10% service


Mint & Yogurt dip & Raita

Dabbawala Dahl

Basmati Rice

Naan Bread

Q 95  + 10% service

Poppadums & chutneys courtesy of Antigua Curry Club

Tikka masala is a curry dish chunks (tikka) of chicken or meat in a spicy masala sauce. The sauce is usually creamy, spiced and orange-coloured.  Tikka masala has been found to be the most popular dish in British restaurants and it has been called "a true British national dish”.

Rahul Verma, an Indian expert on street food from Delhi, has stated that the dish originated in Punjab during the last 50 years.

Curry Club Glasgow office (staffed by Ken Veronda) submitted evidence  of claims that a Pakistani chef Ali Ahmed Aslam, proprietor of the Shish Mahal restaurant in Park Road in the west end of the city in Glasgow invented it by improvising a sauce made from yogurt, cream and spices.   See below.  Tikka Masala is the most popular Indian dish in the U.K.  Others lay claim to the origin being Birmingham and Newcastle.   

However, Club member Martha Mast sent an article in The Smithsonian, see below, in which chefs in New Delhi have claimed that tikka masala is “ an authentic Mughlai recipe prepared by our forefathers who were royal chefs  in the Mughlai period (16th-18th centuries).

  The article below is courtesy of The Antigua Curry Club Ken Veronda, from his field trip to Scotland to investigate the claim.


Club member Martha Mast found evidence that Tikka Masala came from India in the Smithsonian Magazine.  See an excerpt below, or read the whole article,  "How the Chicken Conquered the World" ... the relevant item is on page 3.

(also spelled or Daal, or Dhal) is a preparation of dried lentils, peas or beans which have been stripped of their outer hulls and split. It also refers to the thick stew prepared from these, a mainstay of Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, and Bangladeshi cuisine. It is regularly eaten with rice and vegetables and a flat bread. Dal is a ready source of proteins for a balanced diet containing little or no meat.
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