I will update this photo, when the menu is finalized ... this one is from the last dinner

The Antigua Curry Club Meeting       August 8, 2013


"Indian Pot Luck Dinner", Tomas Cernikovsky's house at 4 p.m.


Maria Elena & Werner Samosas
Mike & Marlene Curry Veggies & Chick peas appetizer
Tomas & Lorraine Poppadums
  Main courses
Martha & Jim Kedgeree (kitcherie), rice and lentils
Sara & John Shrimp Curry
Ricardo (Frohmader, new) Tamarind potatoes
Sylvia Chicken "something" Curry
Marina T.B.D.
Tomas & Lorraine Beef Vindaloo
  Side dishes
Sylvia Basumati Rice
Terry Curried lentils
Michael Curried Rattatouille
Norma Indian Broccolli
Nayna Dhal
David Tamarind Sauce
Judy & Gene Indian Salad
Tomas & Lorraine Onion Salad
Tomas & Lorraine Cucumber Raita
Tomas & Lorraine Chutneys, Lime Pickles
Judy & Gene ... some cookies
Kathy & Hal Lassis of several varieties
Vince ...

Anyone else?  Please call our India Call Center at 7832-8466

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