The Antigua Curry Club Meeting       October 24, 2013


"Indian Pot Luck Dinner", at the house of Kathy Rose and Hal Vogel at 4 p.m.


  October 24 - Kathy & Hal
Tomas & Lorraine Poppadums
Terry Naan
Maria Elena Samosas
  Main Dishes
Tomas & Lorraine Beef Vindaloo
Cynthia & Nathan Lentil & Carrot patties (vegetarian)
John & Sarah Chicken Hyderabad
Judy & Gene Vegetable Curry
  Side dishes
Mike Curried vegetables
Kathy & Hal Rice
Norma Curried brocolli
David Tamarind sauce
Linda & Frank Spinach Saag
Tomas & Lorraine Cucumber Raita
Mike & Marlene TBD
Cynthia & Nathan Mango chutney

Anyone else?  Please call our India Call Center at 7832-8466

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