Please click to see a larger image of the fish dish       Please click on the image to see a large photo of the lamb dish

Example of "Sabor de India" dishes.   "Fish Nandu" on the left, "Lamb Thali" on the right.  Good chapatis.  Click on the images to see a larger photo.

Lorraine, Margie and Karen Birthday Antigua Curry Club XELA 2019


Please sign up now:

Thursday, November 14 ... bus to Quetzaltenango, with a lunch stop near Tecpan

(possibly "Rincom Suizo")


Hotel Pension Bonifaz, in the main square, overnight, with breakfast.

Drinks at 6:30 p.m. on the terrace of "Balcon de Enriquez", overlooking the main square

Dinner at 7:30 p.m. "Sabor de India", a short 4 block walk.  Menu to follow.

Friday, November 15 ... tour of "Museo Casa Botran"

Return to Antigua in the afternoon.

COST:  bus, maybe $70 per person if we get 10 people or maybe only $35 per person if we get 20.

Hotel Bonifaz was Q795 when we stayed there in March, for a nice double room with breakfast ... and if we get a group, maybe we'll get a discount.

Your own meals and drinks, and entry to the Museo Casa Botran.

Those going so far:
Jeremy & Sonia, Dianne & George, Tomas & Lorraine, Julio & Margie, Martha & Jim, Karen, your name here ...

To sign up, write to ""
or call our India Call center at 7832-8466 or 5916-5331



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