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2020 is our 14th year

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1 Marion Hatch Popenoe ... Q350 In Antigua. I am finding pleasure to have time to write, again and again, without undo pressure. A rare experience, time to contact friends and enjoy the moment.
As for the Curry Club, my reaction is probably that any get-together will be far in the future so I just wait until it will be a reality and then I will think about that. It is a discouraging experience  going through this with all the unknowns but human adaptation always comes through with (usually) success and persistence. I hope you are finding happiness in this extended vacation, plenty to think about future plans and unrealized challenges that can still be achieved.
2 Tomas Cernikovsky ... Q1 Abita Springs, LA, on a deserted golf course in a forest 50 miles north of New Orleans. An extreme form of social distancing. So far, in 9 months,  we've walked 750 miles. Met up with Margaret Hansen in Nashville in July, to see photos, click here. We've travelled around the South and to Colorado

We have so far lost a trip in April/May to Spain, Germany and Croatia, and another in September to the Czech Republic and my mother's 96th in Germany.
3 Vince deGarlais  ... Q1
I am here in Parramos.  We implemented Google classroom when we first heard that the government was suspending classes and have continued to try to provide an education to our students.  Unfortunately, most of them donít have internet in their homes so we are just uploading homework assignments and materials with some examples or explanations.  The parents can buy internet packets for their cell phones so their children can download and upload their assignments on their tablets.  We therefore arenít able to provide virtual classroom lessons and only focus on the major courses.  It is nonetheless a lot of work. Parents donít seem to supervise their children as well as we do!
We received a $20,000 donation, half of which was to be used to waive all tuition payments for the month of April and the other half to do whatever we think will help the community.  We are using those funds to set up a wifi internet system in the village so all of the kids will have access to do their homework (similar to a community wi-fi system in a park) and use the remaining funds to buy bulk quantities of beans, rice and corn to donate to families when things really get bad in late May and June.
4 Lesley Pierce  ... Q1 I am fine, happily installed in my apartamentito and loving the peace & quiet of a people-free Semana Santa.  I DO miss the church bells announcing upcoming Masses but I can hear more clearly the clock of the Santa Catalina arch when it strikes every 15 mins.
5 Sarah Cohen ... Q1 I am in Antigua and feeling safer here than if I were to go back to the Adirondacks. My June trip to Prague and Krakow has been cancelled so depending on what happens with the virus, I plan to settle in here.  RETURNED to upstate New York on one of the US Embassy flights.
6 Hilda Rodgers ... Q350 Antigua.  Hilda's mother Sarah's cruise was cancelled in Australia.  She made it to Mexico, and then crossed into Guatemala.  Both are in quarantine another few days, the Health Department calls on Sarah every day.
7 Michael Hopkins ... Q1 Antigua, with a glass of wine in hand, he says.
8 Sylvia Jauregui ... Q100 Sylvia and Antonia in Antigua.
We are hunkered down in San Pedro el Alto and consider ourselves fortunate to have enough space around us to walk and exercise the dogs whilst watching some frantic antics by mating grackles and wood peckersÖÖ it could be much worse.

Antonia is learning to bake and has a sour dough  bubbling like a Macbeth witches' brew and has produced an excellent banana bread and some pita breads to be proud of.

Caoba farms are doing a sterling job of delivering excellent veg, salads, eggs and organic chicken and meats.
And I will probably be ordering some gin from our very own British gin distillery here in San Pedro el Alto. (See the next post, just below)
9 Malcolm Gribble ... Q350 Antigua, San Pedro las Huertas.  I've temporarily closed the chispa stove factory to help with the national effort.  However I'm increasing the Gin production from home! I have a delicious new floral, citrus forward London Dry gin which I'm selling at Q200 a bottle with delivery. All bottles are cleaned with 90% pure alcohol beforehand!!

Ing. Malcolm Gribble
10 Cynthia Liskey ... Q1

I know that Nathan would like to be on the golf course right now but we are in complete "lock down" in Antigua and are very impressed with the job that the President of Guatemala is doing during this crisis.


Stay well, stay kind, stay loving and stay safe!

11 Margaret Hansen ... Q300 Nashville.  I was on Unitedís last flight out of Guatemala and endured my Mandated 15 days-isolation for having been out of the country. Tennessee is now on lock-down and Iím, of course, adhering to the guidelines.  Met up with Tomas & Lorraine in Neshville in July, to see photos, click here.
12 Maria Streicher ... Q350 I am in Antigua, in self quarantine since March 15
13 Sara Saint-Simon ... Q1 Trapped in Missisppi
14 Linda Champagne ... Q200 I am in my beautiful home in Antigua, feeling grateful to be here.
15 Ginger Hooven ... Q350 to TESS & CompaŮŪa Para Cirugia In Guatemala... didnít get on the flight to CA just before things got worse. Felt a great need to be here to support my 70+ employees in any way I can (Cafe Condesa). Stay safe. Stay home. 
16 Jack Leeth ... Q1 Jack in Antigua, Rae in D.C. 
Jack and I got caught in the middle of the pandemic crisis.  I came to Washington, DC, to receive our shipment but was unable to return to Guatemala for our one-way flight to DC Mar. 31st.  That flight was cancelled, also, so I am in DC and Jack and Machoman the CAT are in Antigua with an iffy new Delta flight May 2nd.

In midst of talk of closing the Port of  Baltimore, our shipment thankfully did arrive  (they are moving back to D.C. from Antigua).  Unpacking is an excellent way to pass the time in lockdown!!!  It may be a good while yet.  JACK RETURNED TO WASHINGTON D.C., with his cat, on one of the US Embassy flights.
17 Judith Shorrocks ... Q350 We canít say for sure as we are stuck in the UK. We are in London and will be here until it is possible to fly back. We were visiting and it was not possible to get back. It looks like it will peak here in about 10 days so that may indicate a flattening of the curve...fingers crossed. 
18 Gail Terzuola ... Q1  
19 Norma Gifford ... Q1 Could not return to Guatemala from Argentina, so is in Northern California in her daughter's house. Recuperating from eye surgery, still in California.
20 Vincent d'Agati ... Q300 Vince & Stephanie in Antigua.  We are safe staying at home, cooking, trying out new recipes, doing some yoga, reading, knitting and cleaning up.... lots of cleaning. Some gardening too.
Miss our gatherings, big and small, with all our dear friends. Please take care, we love you all. 
21 Ken Veronda ... Q800 garden in memory of Bill & Liz Paddock San Marino, LA. Ken & Winifred are "safer at home", their governor says.  Together with 60 students locked down in his school, whom they are teaching online, as well as students in 14 countries on 4 continents.  "Lost in a forest of a closed down society", missing their house in Antigua.  "When do we return? Only our lord and master Dr. Trump knows, as he says he's the smartest man alive."
22 Kevin Roche ... Q800 garden in memory of Bill & Liz Paddock
Suzanne and I have no definite plans for May - so if we are "here"  i.e. Antigua, then we'd love to sample some great Curry.
23 Maria Elena Bendix de Seidl ... Q50 Antigua, San Pedro el Alto
24 Lorraine Duncan ... Q295 Abita Springs, LA, on a deserted golf course in a forest 5 miles north of Abita Springs, LA.  So far, in 9 months, we've walked 750 miles. Met up with Margaret Hansen in Nashville in July, to see photos, click here.  

We have so far lost a trip in April/May to Spain, Germany and Croatia, and another in September to the Czech Republic and Tomas's mother's 96th in Germany.
25 Jim Mast ... Q5 Antigua, getting a "Thai Wow" home delivery and missing an 6 April flight for 5-1/2 weeks to South Africa.  Planned and lost an August trip to Michigan and a September trip to Argentina.
We had our first ZOOM cocktail party (with our Manhattans and great THAI WOW boquitos) last night, with our MI daughter and her husband.  So much fun we're doing it again tomorrow night.  And the Cernikovskys and the Masts are meeting regularly over Zoom.
26 Judy Gibbons ... Q5  
27 Jeremy Bangay ... Q300
Sonia and I are home in Toronto having taken the last Canadian Government 'rescue' flight out of Guatemala on Sunday March 29th.  We are now in 14 days isolation.
28 Andrea Hunt ... Q300 Antigua. Decided to stay in Antigua rather than return to New York.  "We're all stir crazy.  Would kill for a margarita in a restaurant".  Goes to La Bodegona at 7 a.m. when theer are no lines, but "there is plenty of food". Gringos walking the streets before 10 a.m.  Moved to a new house in San Pedro el Alto, with more space.

There are signs of life in Antigua, more people on the streets, some traffic is back.  Mentally, we all have Covid fatigue and are being noticeably less careful, but realize this is stupid because there are still many cases.   There might be some herd immunity operating, since Covid has hit the younger population hard and more have it than the numbers show. 


Central Parque is still closed but Iím sure you have heard that the airport seems to be on-track for opening in SeptemberÖ.first for local flights and later for international.  There is still no decision on tourists like me.

29 Ira Lewis ... Q5  
30 Philip Gray ... Q350

Gratefully enjoying the quiet life in Antigua right now, feeling fortunate that we are not in the US or UK, places where we usually spend a lot of time. 

31 Ricardo Frohmader ... Q295 We got caught by the flareup in the Dallas area. We are renting a house in Rowlett, TX but hungry for good food and dear friends.
32 Julio Girón ... Q300 Guatemala.  Tikka Masala delivers good Indian food.  Delivery restaurants making money and may change their business models after this.  His friend Jorge Jorge, with a culinary school, delivers so much food, he may close the school and keep delivering.
We, like Jim and Martha, had a ZOOM party last night with out Supperclub group. Communications are marvelous.  Also meeting up with Tomas & Lorraine over Zoom.
33 Thomas Fouke ... Q220 In Ft. Lauderdale with his son.  Just managed to return from Cairo, a Nile cruise, with Aeroflot, via Moscow with a 30-hour layover.  But now fine. Linda meanwhile back in Kuwait.
34 Marina Cabezas ... Q220
Thanks God I am at home in Antigua, although away from the ones I love, since some of them are in Europe, others in Mexico and El Salvador as well, but knowing  they are alright comforts my soul.
I am enjoying my home ...I have become full time gardener and growing beautiful roses as well as orquids.
My time goes very quickly in between cooking, sewing and spring cleaning !
35 Paul Nemecek ... Q220 We are well (so far) and sheltering at home in Antigua.
36 Michael Plisowski ... Q350 Antigua.  Returned from a 26 day South American wine trip on March 6.  Temperature checked coming into Guatemala.  Over the course of our trip we spent time in 9 airports in 4 countries. Incredibly fortunate to be in good health.  Postponed April US medical trip to August.
37 Frank Peterson ... Q5 In Virginia, near D.C.
We returned to the US on schedule March 2nd. Doing fine and saving lots of money on restaurants, beauty shops, theater, etc.
Will have a stash to use on the next Curry Club adventure! 
Meeting up with Tomas & Lorraine over Zoom.
38 Ileana Gibbs ... Q300 Antigua.  It's not about the virus anymore, it's about the food!   People are going crazy, greedy and abusive.  Went to the Bodegona at 6:00 am today,  the cars were all the way to the corner of the park.   Inside, people grabbing everything like crazy!   The same in la Torre yesterday. Loooong lines outside to enter. If you are not wearing a mask, they won't let you in. 
39 Peter Meyer ... Q250 Antigua, Panorama.  Here, a serene tranquility has returned, no buses, taxis, exhausts, gawking tourists, processions, screeching night club parties, nothing but heavenly peace that I first encountered in 1990, thirty years ago and that made me decide to settle here.

Your families and the Curry Aficionados  are adrift, awaiting the return of leadership, they need to be reminded that with every hardship also come benefits that should not be overlooked even under the threat of this ugly Virus. We'll have to learn to live side by side, the Virus and us, for quite some time to come. In the end us humans will come out better and wiser than ever, I am sure of it. Cheers.
40 Martha Dugan ... Q250  I am in Antigua sheltering in place.  Of course with out little condominium complex I am not alone or lonely although we do practice safe distancing.  Frankly with all the suffering going on, I feel incredibly blessed to be in a beautiful place with wonderful weather.

I finally left Guatemala on June 11th and flew to Newark where a friend picked me up and drove me directly to a little Hamlet in the Catskills called Hankins where I live in an old school house. I have known for several years that it was time for me to sell and it is currently a hot market so I got it listed as fast as I could. I just got my first "bite" but they don't want to sign untill it is inspected. That is scheduled for the day after tomorrow and then we will need to negotiate since it is an 1845 building and use almost everything.  Wish me luck.  Martha
41 Raul Montenegro ... Q250 Cindy and I are in St Pete Florida drinking a glass of wine after a Mexican take out dinner watching the news.
42 Judy Sadlier ... Q25 Gene and I are in Antigua, enjoying our  home and a 4PM wine time daily.  Wish everyone good health during this trying time!
43 Hermann Girón ... Q350 Guatemala.  Most good restaurants are delivering.  Best Camille Cooking School.
44 Mike Foster ... Q220 Antigua, on their roof with a glass of wine, enjoying the sunshine.
45 Dianne Carofino ... Q25 Litchfield, CT, they say they and family are fine, on lockdown.  Meeting up on Zoom with Tomas & Lorraine.
46 George Carofino ... Q25 Litchfield, CT, they say they and family are fine, on lockdown. Meeting up on Zoom with Tomas & Lorraine.
47 Richard Millard ... Q350 In Antigua. Manhattan is my other home and thought I would hunker down and wait it out here.  Deliveries, Mercado curfews, empty streets. Itís a strange time.
48 John Chudy ... Q25 Locked down in Antigua, staying safe, and hoping the case load of 50 here begins to go down soon.(now 45,000) Meanwhile, Ecuador, with a similar size population has 3,300 cases.(Now 80,000) Guatemala's response has been effective. Stay well. 
49 Steve Olson ... Q200
Taking it easy in Antigua. We came back from Northern California (visiting new grandson) on March 8, shortly before travel got weird.
50 Karen White ... Q275 Antigua