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View from our roof, November 2002, Fuego is smoking ... a little bit.  Sometimes is smokes a lot
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Easter 2003 in the Alameda Santa Lucia ... our house, #12 Norte, is with the lights to the left of the procession float April 2003

Our house is finished ... you can see it, with all the hanging lights to the left of the procession float.
April 2003

Alameda Santa Lucia Norte, La Antigua, Guatemala.

Our house in a little up the block on the left. 

gardens are in the center of the Alameda, clearly visible ... a long-term investment in the improvement of the neighborhood.

The carpet, a different story, another investment, by the community, built in the morning, destroyed by the procession and cleaned up by the municipal crew that followed the march.  Antigua Easter is unique!
Semana Santa

Following the big procession float that 80 men carried down the Alameda Santa Lucia in front of our house, was a "small" float, carried by 40 women. 

They destroyed the carpet (above) in which we had invested money on two separate blocks of the Alameda.  Call that a very short-term investment.
Jennifer and Barbara at Antigua Town Hall, getting their Antigua "Cedula", local ID, and permanent residency in Guatemala,

March 2003
Jennifer and Barbara in front of
the Antigua Town Hall,

showing their new "Cedulas"
March 2003
During Semana Santa, street carpets are made of coloured sawdust, and big processions go through town. 

Here we are under the arch on 5th Avenua, the church of La Merced in the background.

And yes, it is the Cernikovskys right next to the carpet. 
Volcanoes Fuego and Acotenango - November 2002 From our second level and from the roof, there are spectacular, and always changing views of three volcanoes. 

Volcano Agua, the closest, is extinct. 

These two are a little farther.  Volcano Fuego, as its name suggests, often smokes and has fiery eruptions of lava.  Other times, it goes quiet.  Today, there is just a little puff of loud coming from the top. 

Next to it is Volcano Acotenango, also extinct.
Local market, May 2002, our house is behind Our house (yellow) is on the Alameda Santa Lucia, in the front. 

In the back, we overlook a colorful fruit, vegetable and flower market.  Our main market days are Monday, Thursday and Saturday, but you can buy things there most of the week. 

For about one dollar, you can get three
good-sized bunches of flowers.
20 oranges for fresh juice also cost one dollar.
July 2002 - the hallways around the courtyard are completed ... now we are gardening around them, too....

There is a view from
February 2002, to show you the progress.

Our rooms open onto the courtyard and the garden.
New house, February 2002, outside David's bedroom, before the railings were installed
Easter 2002

Procession going through a street very near our house.
Jenny in her new study, overlooking the volcano.  Her doors are coming soon.
Second floor walkway and the courtyard ate taking shape. 

This is the same view as above, except finished, in
July 2002

new fountain has been finished.
The view from the roof November 2001

The deck on the roof, where we now have a garden, some chairs and a view of three volcanoes.

This one is Volcano Agua
August 2001 The house reached the second floor in August 2001


Barbara, Blanca & Enrique at the building site in July 2001.


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